Fire and the Hud

Radio Hud is an on-campus radio station situated in the centre of the University’s Student Union which is an ideal location to get your show heard! With a management team that is completely student-led, Radio Hud is one of the biggest societies on campus. At the end of every academic year, members of the committee elect who they think is suitable for the roles ready for the students to undertake their new positions for the next year.

There are always new opportunities up for grabs and the potential for you to become the next station manager! Previous shows include Hud Voice, A Classical Journey, Radio Hud Rock Show and Ruubez Off Camera. Whatever your passion is, we’re sure it would sound great on air! With a huge scope for you to listen, learn, grow and teach, there are no limits to your creativity as you are your own boss (when it comes to having your own show).

So, if any of this sounds interesting to you, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you! Below are details of your current Radio Hud management team.

Jamie Downie

Station Manager

I joined RadioHud in first year on a whim to improve my overall quality of life at university- and now I’m running it as Station Manager! As the de-facto leader lf the society, it is up to me to ensure that the society is well run and productive, as well as lending a helping hand to the 5 Heads of the Society when they need it. A Jack of All Trades, I guess! Alongside my management role, I am also the co-host and co-producer of the Radio Hud Rock Show, winner of the Radio Hud Best Show Award for 2017/18.

Despite the fact that I study Construction Project Management, I like to be heavily involved in the music scene. I am a headbanging metalhead and love my music to be fast, heavy, and melodic! I also play bass and do some screaming as part of Resist in Retrospect alongside my co-hosts Tom and Connor. We are currently writing our debut album, so keep your eyes peeled for its release!

Away from music, I am a big sports fan, supporting Glasgow Rangers and Norwich City for football, the New Orleans Saints for the NFL, the New Orleans Pelicans for the NBA, and the Calgary Flames for the NHL. I’m also a big pro-wrestling fan (It’s still real to me dammit!) and enjoy doing D.I.Y. projects with woodwork and textiles.