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It’s not often that you stroll through University to find a live musical performance happening in the middle of Student Central. As I sat down to have my lunch in the canteen, this musical rarity was the last thing I expected to see.

Much to my surprise, I wasn’t going mad; singer-songwriter Luke Sital-Singh had come to perform at the University of Huddersfield as part of the Coffee House Sessions Tour. For those of you wondering what that is, let me fill you in. The Coffee House Sessions Tour is a tour of Universities across the country where a different upcoming singer or band performs each week. This week saw the first artist stop off at the University of Huddersfield.

Looking shy and reserved in his denim jacket and glasses, Luke Sital-Singh stood side of stage waiting to be announced on. This wasn’t like being at a live gig though. Instead of standing backstage at a music venue, Luke was stood in Student Central surrounded by an eager audience (and a few hungry students who were as confused as I was when I first entered the canteen.)

Although it was a short set of just four songs, Luke managed to captivate the audience with his honest lyrics and raw vocals. His songs are undeniably heartfelt and sincere, strengthened by his organic vocals that leave you hanging onto every word. After a while it becomes hard to distinguish a difference between the songs as they are so similar in style, but that can be forgiven when he gives such an intimate performance with his heart on his sleeve.

For a free live performance during what would probably have been another monotonous lunch break, it was pretty good going. And what’s even better is that this wasn’t a one off – the Coffee House Sessions Tour will be visiting the University of Huddersfield weekly. Aren’t we lucky students!

Written by Georgia Arundell

8 Reasons to get involved with Radio Hud!

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If you want to try something new at university this year then why not check out Radio Hud? Becoming part of the radio society is a rewarding and an awesome hands-on learning experience. Here are eight ways working for your University radio station can change your life forever:

  1. It develops your verbal communication skills.

While playing music is a big part of a presenter’s job, talking on air is just as important. Hosting a radio show in University is a great way to sharpen up your public speaking skills without having hundreds of people staring at you. Plus, learning to think on your feet and develop what you want to say without a detailed script in hand helps you become a more thoughtful verbal communicator.

Want to read more? Click here!

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Circa Waves Review – Friday 7th November 2014

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There’s a recent buzz in the air about Circa Waves at the moment. Even though it was a small venue, the huge crowd in Gorilla on Friday night was a testament to that.

The Liverpool band have received plenty of media attention and have been recommended by BBC Radio1’s Zane Lowe. Not bad for a band that doesn’t even have an album out yet.

What we were wondering though, do they live up to their hype?

Gorilla was packed left, right and centre with young teens, (I’d estimate an average age of 15) with a surprisingly large percentage of the audience being floppy haired males.

As they come onto stage with a beer in hand, they belt out with their opening song, Young Chasers. High volume, high tempo, high keyed and high on energy. The crowd is leaping and jumping around and it doesn’t take long for the teens to let go of all their energy and start up a mosh pit.

There are holes in my socks that have been around longer than this band, with a short set of a little over 35 minutes, I found it extremely surprising that the entire audience knew every lyric to their songs. The signs are promising for this young Liverpudlian – their music is excellent and their performance is strong. A few more top tracks is that’s required.


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