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Live Review: Interrobang, Voodoo Vali & Jamie Ferguson @ Jimmy’s, Manchester

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A rainy Monday night in Manchester brings a mixture of new talent and heritage to Jimmy’s. First up was solo guitarist Jamie Ferguson, bringing beautiful percussive acoustic guitar melodies. His set is thoroughly enjoyable; the balance between chat and track is just right, and the mix of humour and serious talking points adds to the ambient atmosphere. He announced mid-set that he has a headline show coming up at this very venue on the 2nd May, which is thoroughly impressive considering he’s the first on stage tonight.

Next up were local lads Voodoo Vali. Their dirty, funk/punk sound is a stark contrast to the soothing acoustic jams of Ferguson, but this simply showcases the eclectic offerings of Manchester Mid-Week Music Club, who hosted the gig. Their set was slightly plagued by a few technical issues (namely frontman Nathan Wilson breaking TWO strings, leading Interrobang’s Stephen Griffin to step in as the saviour and bestow a replacement). This didn’t, however, take away from the sheer energy and fantastic playing showcased by the trio.

Headliners Interrobang‽ were an absolute sight to behold. Their set began with lead singer Dunstan Bruce enters from the top of a staircase leading into the venue, speaking through a megaphone on his descent to the stage. Highlights of the performance included in Mad as Hell, in which Bruce left the stage once again and wandered around the crowd, shouting ‘I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna’ take this, anymore,’ *cue massively bewildered looks from the crowd*.

Photo credit: Ruby Price

Similarly, in Breathe, where he held aloft a placard reading the lyrics ‘Unrest is progress, contentment, death,’ words which pretty much sum up the group and their ethos. The set is littered with euphonically pleasing sound loops, adding something unique and original to their already fascinating show.

Interrobang‽ are bring something incredibly refreshing to a music scene arguably oversaturated with people with nothing much to say; discussing topics of ageing and everything that comes with it, keeping relevant and simply wanting to make a difference, which as well as the music is more than enough to earn my respect.

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